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The Social Link is based in Boston and enjoys working with clients remotely if necessary. We thrive on helping brands differentiate themselves and make powerful audience connections.

our marketing philosophy

At The Social Link, each client is unique, which is why we create custom solutions tailored to the needs of each business. We help brands develop and define their voice. Our love for creativity and problem-solving is unwavering, it guides us in our key mission of helping clients find their successful future. Reach out and we will help you get your brand exactly where it needs to be — ahead of the rest.

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The Social Link serves across all industries. There is no company or project too big or too small in our eyes. 

"Lucy has been as dependable as they come for GTT. Being a solutions provider in the COVID testing space, there has been quite a bit of technical information that Lucy has had to digest for the project. Her ability to take a complex scientific information and turn it into layman’s terms that our audience can understand has been uncanny. In addition to managing our blog and creating content, Lucy also manages all social profiles, email campaigns, and press releases, websites. She does a great job of keeping the messaging unbiased and educational for each of these things, which is not an easy task in the COVID space. Not sure where we would be without all of Lucy’s hardwork and cannot recommend her enough to any other startup founders out there."


Director of Operations


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